Admired Swimming Instructor – Yuma Asami

Studio: Alice

Studio Number: DV-879

After a nice brisk swim, Yuma answers a call from her next appointment. He arrives shortly afterward. He shocked to see how hot she is. She invites him in and they begin their lesson. A few moments into the workout, Yuma gets to what he really wants: sex. She rubs his cock to get him hard. When he gets hard, she stokes his cock with her mouth and ample breasts. She gives him a quick blow before allowing him to finger her. She eventually straddles him and lets him fuck her to orgasm.

Another client arrives, but in this scene there is no swim lesson. They start out on a mattress in the middle of the room. Yuma is covered in clear goo and the dude massages it around Yuma’s body. He pulls out a vibrator and places it in Yuma’s pussy to get her started. He has her follow up by sucking on his prick for a minute before he lays her back and fucks her.

Yuma is back to her teaching lessons in this scene. After welcoming student No. 3 into her apartment, they get right to the pool. But before he enters, Yuma pounces on him and rubs up his crotch. He gets hard and she continues on from there. She strokes, pulls, and sucks on his rod before having him lay back as she straddles him. Using her crotch, she massages his member slowly then quickly till he cums.


Scene 4:  The student from Scene 2 introduces his friend to Yuma. Not wanting to give up a good fuck, Yuma welcomes him in. They start out again on the mattress where the guy begins immediately to massage and feel up Yuma. She is dressed in the black swimsuit you see on the cover that is just too sexy. He breaks out the hand vibrator and employs it to Yuma’s great satisfaction. He moves on to fingering her twat before she sucks on his cock. He then has her crouch on all fours and he fucks her doggy-style in the hottest scene to the video.

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